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Brickheadz collectibles unpack or not!?

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    John Do
    Beiträge: 2

    Hope that nobody has an issue with english, I can read replies in german (I’m from the Netherlands).

    I’m trying to keep my SW brickhead collection complete however I’m still deciding if I should build my brickheadz or keep them packed for value reasons.
    f.i. I have the boba & han carbonite which is worth €200,- already (certainly keeping that one packed). But what about the rest…
    They are just €10,- each but what about 5yrs when its 40 brickheadz and all complete.
    – They keep their value
    – They are well displayed on the package as well
    – If they ever become special, having them packed makes it extra special.
    – Boxes aren’t that nice in a showcase
    – Seeing the real set is just that bit better.
    – are not planning to sell them so why keep them packed for value?

    Like to hear your opinion.

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    Andres Lehmann
    Beiträge: 137

    English is perfectly fine. But: Build them all! 😀

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    Beiträge: 3

    Omdat ik mijn Lego niet als een kapitaalbelegging heb, maar om ermee te bouwen en te spelen, luidt mijn advies: Bouwen!
    Veel plezier, er zijn ondertussen heel vele Brickheads uitgekomen.

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      Beiträge: 3

      Ok, English:
      Since I don`t have my Lego Sets as a sort of investment, but for my own amusement and play, my advice to you is: Build them!
      Have fun, there are quite a few brickheadz out there by now.

  • #52403

    Sebastian K
    Beiträge: 6

    Sorry, please answer in english :).

    i think, build them! And think about how you can perfectly display them for visitors :-). Iam collect the StarWars Brickheadz too and some specials, like Ghostbusters or BackToTheFuture ;-). But iam still look for the best way to display them in our flat. In a way that my famaly dont get worry :-D.-

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    Sebastian K
    Beiträge: 6

    Oh, some more: i was crazy enough to bought 2 NYCC-Sets of the Han Solo Carbonite with BobaFett… :-DD – one to build it up (it looks so nice), one to resell in some time.

    And the upcoming stand alone box of BobaFett: there are some differences to the NYCC-BobaFett.


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    John Do
    Beiträge: 2

    I unpacked them!
    I have all „kriege der sterne“ BHz, bttf and ghostbusters.
    Thought that peter venkman and cap phasma were the best builds due to their extras or complexity.
    Slimers but is a fun detail.
    Bttf the best BHz.

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