These days, there is a Lego Star Wars exhibition at Hong Kong Times Square. Till Christmas, there will be Lego workshops for kids. If you are in the region, please check out the official website.

And our good friend John Ho, Lego Designer, is in Hong Kong right now. He sent us some great images of lifesize Lego models: For example a XXL version of the great Imperial Shuttle Tydirium or, of course, the new Poe’s X-Wing Starfighter.

Imperial Shuttle Tydirium and many Stormtroopers | © John Ho

Many Stormtroopers and Imperial Shuttle Tydirium | © John Ho

This really seems to be the place to be right now: The force awakens in Hong Kong.

But for those, who would like to see a huge X-Wing in Europe, too: The brick-build X-Wing Starfighter, largest Lego model in the world, will stay in the Legoland in Billund for at least one more year.

Ready for a flight? | © John Ho

Ready for take off? | © John Ho

May the force be with you.

Poe's X-Wing Starfighter in Hong Kong | © John Ho

Poe’s X-Wing: First wave of Star Wars 7 sets | © John Ho

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