The Lego Technic Bucket Wheel Excavator (42055) is the „biggest“ highlight of the International Toy Fair 2016 in Nuremberg: Our images and video of this amazing set – release in August.

The Buckt Wheel Excavator (42055) is the biggest Lego Technic Set of all time, comes with 3.927 pieces (yeah!) and looks awesome. The playability and the functions are fantastic – we love this set.

Even the small white dump truck looks great – all in all: This is amazing. There is only one „but“. May be. The price: 299 Euro.

We leave you allone with our video and images right now. Enjoy!

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Impressive build! | © Andres Lehmann /

Impressive build! | © Andres Lehmann /

Keep rollin'! | © Andres Lehmann /

Keep rollin‘! | © Andres Lehmann /

What's next? | © Andres Lehmann /

What’s next? | © Andres Lehmann /

Stickers... | © Andres Lehmann /

Stickers… | © Andres Lehmann /

Power Functions are included | © Andres Lehmann /

Power Functions are included | © Andres Lehmann /

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