The Buckt Wheel Excavator (42055) is the biggest Lego Technic Set of all time, comes with 3.927 pieces (yeah!) and looks awesome. The playability and the functions are fantastic – we love this set.

Even the small white dump truck looks great – all in all: This is amazing. There is only one „but“. May be. The price: 299 Euro.

We leave you allone with our video and images right now. Enjoy!

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Impressive build! | © Andres Lehmann /

Impressive build! | © Andres Lehmann /

Keep rollin'! | © Andres Lehmann /

Keep rollin‘! | © Andres Lehmann /

What's next? | © Andres Lehmann /

What’s next? | © Andres Lehmann /

Stickers... | © Andres Lehmann /

Stickers… | © Andres Lehmann /

Power Functions are included | © Andres Lehmann /

Power Functions are included | © Andres Lehmann /

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