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LEGO MOC: Modular Building – A Dutch Bar

A dutch bar | © Barrie Crossan

Barrie Crossan build an awesome Modular Building – a dutch bar with many details. Images of his LEGO MOC – and he also answered some questions. A perfect corner building.

As you may noticed, we are big fans of Modular Buildings. And beside the official LEGO releases, there are many great MOCs out there.

For example an fantastic corner building by Barrie Crossan: A fantastic looking facade and many details inside the building. And the colours are very fine, too. Barrie was kind enough, to answer a few questions.

The place to be! | © Barrie Crossan

The place to be! | © Barrie Crossan

Let's rock! | © Barrie Crossan

Let’s rock! | © Barrie Crossan

The very good looking dutch bar building – I was thinking of the inspiration you had, can you tell us about it?

Well, as for inspiration, I used to work on a ship which was built in Dordrecht and we used to dock at Amsterdam and Harlingen in the Netherlands. There are a lot of nice looking buildings there perfect for recreating in LEGO. I also used streetview in Google Earth saving screenshots of various buildings to use as inspiration.

A bar for sailors. | © Barrie Crossan

A bar for sailors. | © Barrie Crossan

A corner building is very special, we have seen four in the official line. But it is also a tough choice, isn’t it?

I had always intended to do a corner version of the right-side part of an older building I have created, so my new build is similar to that part I found a screeshot of, showing the angled windows on the corner.

First version | © Barrie Crossan

First version | © Barrie Crossan

Thank you Barrie – and we’re looking forward to see the next Modular Building of yours. Brick on!

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