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Lego MOC: The Jewelled Egg Collection

The Jewelled Egg Collection | © Swan Dutchman

The Lego Ideas project ‚Jewelled Egg‘ is amazing. With Swan Dutchman, the creator of this MOC, we talked about his ‚Jewelled Egg Collection‘: Images and interview.

One „Jewelled Egg“ of Swan Dutchman is already a Lego Ideas project: Very colorful and with tons of details.

So, we talked with Koen about his creation – „The Jewelled Egg Collection“, which includeds three eggs.

Your jewelled eggs collection is wonderful – and a very special MOC. What inspired you?

I challenged myself if I could make Lego jewellery that would actually look convincing. But why jewelled eggs? Well, I always kind of liked the real thing, the Faberge eggs. My brother’s wedding was a perfect theme for the first red-colored egg. After making the red egg I thought it would be fun, if I could make a couple more eggs that match with the first egg and are yet different in shape and color.

A place for living | © Swan Dutchman

A place for living | © Swan Dutchman

One of your ‚Jewelled Egss‘ is an official Lego Ideas project – and brilliant for display. So the target audience are most likely AFOLs, right?

I never gave this a thought to be honost. I just thought it would be funky to place the egg on Lego Ideas and just see what happens. I intended the red egg to be like a gift set for someone you love, just like the Russian Tsars presented the Faberge eggs to their wives and mothers. So yeah, come to think of it… I think you are right that the target audience are AFOLs.

Do you know, how many bricks you need for one egg? Do you use a digital planer?

Most of my MOCs I design with parts I already have just to see if the technique works and if it’s strong enough. If it all works out, I make a digital version in Lego Digital Designer to save the design and to determine what parts I need to order. LDD also counts the number of bricks: about 700 for each egg. My guess is that it could be a lot less if only the Lego Company would make bigger plates in transparant colors.

Hello! | © Swan Dutchman

Hello! | © Swan Dutchman

Which egg is your favorite one – and why?

My favourite egg is the red one, because I think it defines it’s theme the best of all three eggs. The theme is love or getting married and the colors and minifigs match perfectly with that. And the chrome ninja helmet horns, chrome crown and clear diamonds add a lot of bling to this egg.

Thank you, Koen! If you would like to support his idea, please check out the official Lego Ideas website.

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