Jónás Kovács is a Lego Fan – and he had a great idea, you can find at the official Ideas website.

We do prefer ‚real bricks‘; but the graphics of his model are very good. The set comes with 1173 pieces.

Design office | © Kavács Jónás

Design office | © Jónás Kovács

We have asked Jónás a few questions – and he allowed us to publish the images, so you can see, what we are talking about right here.

Do you have a ‚real‘ model of your Factory playset, too? And did you use bricks to create this?

Unfortunately I don’t have a real model, yet! I’d like to build it with real Lego bricks, so I could see it in 3D and maybe show it to other Lego fans on exhibitions. I hope I can build it in the next several months.

Factory playset | © Kavács Jónás

Factory playset | © Jónás Kovács

Have you been in Billund, yet? Or do you use images for your MOC?

I haven’t been in Billund, I used images about the Lego HQ, factory and designer’s room from Google and Flickr. My goal was to capture the important details as much as I could.

Hard work | © Kavács Jónás

Hard work | © Jónás Kovács

Since when do you had the idea, to build the Lego HQ?

The idea was in my brain for years, but in bigger scale. I’d like to build once a real minifigure scale Lego factory and put it in my City (which is still under construction).

Welcome! | © Kavács Jónás

Welcome! | © Jónás Kovács

Lego Hauptquartier in Billund | © Andres Lehmann

Lego Hauptquartier in Billund | © Andres Lehmann

We wish you good luck with this!

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