On Tuesday, we will be in Lego City – Billund – at the press meeting of the Lego Group.

The Annual Result 2015 will be presented by Jørgen Vig Knudstorp, President & CEO of the Lego Group, John Goodwin, Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer, Julia Goldin, Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer and others.

There will be a Live-Stream at 10.00 AM CET – and a Live-Ticker at zusammengebaut.com.

Later on, we will interview Lego designers of Nexo Knights, City and Duplo. And: There will be a guided tour of the Lego Idea House, ‚the historical exhibition of the Lego Group, providing an overview over important milestones and products from the founding of the company in 1932 to present time.‘

We will also visit the Lego factory in Billund and the Lego House construction site. And we are thrilled, that we have an interview appointment with Jørgen Vig Knudstorp, as well.

So, there will be a zusammengebaut.com Live-Ticker all day long – to show you, what is going on in Billund.

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