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Lego House: Home of the Brick – Complete Press Kit

Lego House | © LEGO Group

Last week, we have visited the Lego House contruction site in Billund. Beside a video, we would like to share the whole press kit with you – with very nice images: This will be fun.

Last week, Chris and I have visited the Lego House construction site in Billund. In the morning, we have been at the press conference – and the Lego House tour was very interesting, later on.

We have already posted an artitcle with our own images.

And these are all the official information we’ve got in Billund about the…

Lego House: Home of the Brick

At the second half of 2017 Denmark will have a new experience centre called LEGO® House – Home of the brick. LEGO House is a 12,000 m2 hands-on, minds-on experience centre where LEGO fans of all ages are invited to discover the magic behind the LEGO brand, experience the LEGO story and be inspired by all the endless play and learning possibilities with the LEGO brick. Six different experience zones, three restaurants and a state of the art LEGO store invite guests from all over the world to interact, build and play in a breathtaking setting. The house has free entrance but the experience zones on the first floor requires a pre-booked ticket. It will be based in Billund where the LEGO adventure started back in 1932.

When the LEGO House opens it’s doors, visitors will enter a building that resembles gigantic LEGO bricks combined and stacked in a creative way to create an imaginative experience both outside and inside. In the experience zones guests can expect hours of hands-on and minds-on fun while at the same time engaging in educational and inspirational experiences – everything that LEGO play offers.

Lego House: History Collection | © LEGO Group

Lego House: History Collection | © LEGO Group

Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen, LEGO owner, explains: “The LEGO House will show the past, present and future of the LEGO idea and I am certain it will be a fantastic place, where LEGO fans of all ages and their families and friends will get a wide range of unique LEGO experiences. It is our belief that LEGO play fosters innovative thinking, and the LEGO House gives us an opportunity to make it very tangible what LEGO play offers and how it stimulates children’s creativity and learning.”

The house is designed by architect firm BIG (Bjarke Ingels Group). Jesper Vilstrup, general manager of LEGO House says: “The building encapsulates what LEGO play and LEGO values are all about. And the creative use of the LEGO brick shape is a true visualization of the systematic creativity that is at the core of LEGO play. At the moment we can literary see the LEGO House building growing day by day which is amazing.”

Lego House: Terasses outside | © LEGO Group

Lego House: Terasses outside | © LEGO Group

The LEGO House will be 23 meters tall, and there will be public access to several roof-top terraces from the outside.

Square | © LEGO Group

Square | © LEGO Group

“It is our wish that the LEGO House is used by both visitors and the citizens of Billund; the birthplace and home town of the LEGO Group. For this reason a large part of the building – 2,000 square meters – will be a covered square with free access for the public, and we hope it will be a natural gathering point for people living in Billund as well as visitors” says Jesper Vilstrup.

Construction of the building began in early 2014 and the LEGO House will be inaugurated in second half of 2017.

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Fact sheet LEGO House

– 1,900 tons of steel has been used for the construction. The reason being that there should not be any visible columns inside the house, therefore the design of the building would need a steel bridge that all the boxes are fixed to.

– The box on the top is called The Key Stone and has the exact same dimensions as a 2×4 LEGO brick.

– There are 21 different boxes balancing on one another with the key stone at the very top.

– The facade is covered with clay tiles from Germany to give the illusion of the house built out of LEGO bricks.

Lego House Forum | © LEGO Group

Lego House Forum | © LEGO Group

– The building will be 12,000 m2. On the ground floor there is a state of the art brand store, 3 restaurants, a forum and a 2,000 m2 public square. 1st and 2nd floor are part of the paid experience area where there will be four play zones. In the basement the company story will be told in History Collections. And at the top of the building inside, one history collection and one master piece gallery.

Lego Brand Store | © LEGO Group

Lego Brand Store | © LEGO Group

– When arriving by flight guests will be greeted by 8 pillars of light – representing the 8 stubs in a 2×4 LEGO brick. The 2nd biggest airport in Denmark is just 10 minutes away from the LEGO House.

– The experience zones are arranged according to colour. Each colour represents a certain aspect of a child’s learning. Red is imaginative. Blue is cognitive. Green is storytelling. Yellow is emotional. Each zone consists of a number of individual activities and attractions to encourage active engagement of the guests.

– LEGO House is also for non paying guests who can enjoy the three outdoor public squares and the one indoor of 2,000 m2. Retaurants & store are available for the public and it will be possible to walk to the top of the building to enjoy the view and the play activities at the terraces.

– LEGO House expects 250.000 guests on a year and about 2.000 guests on a peak day. The guests will come from all over the world – mainly families, but also school children, LEGO employees and AFOLS (adult fans of LEGO).

– The combination of LEGO House, LEGOLAND and LEGO Headquarters Billund will become the only place in the world where you can get the ultimate LEGO experience like nowhere else.

Andres Lehmann

Einst mit LEGO City und der 12V-Eisenbahn durchgestartet, Sammler von Creator Expert, Ideas, Architecture und City Modellen und baut gerne MOCs, die hoch hinaus gehen.

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