Lego Ideas: Our review of „The Big Bang Theory“ in English

Sheldon, Leonard, Penny... | © Andres Lehmann

We have uploaded our YouTube review of the Lego Ideas set „The Big Bang Theory“ in English, as well: So it is up to you, if you watch the German – or the English version: Bazinga!

Good news for all the Lego-Fans around the world, who don’t speak German – but watch our videos: We have uploaded our review of the very interesting new Lego Ideas Set „The Big Bang Theory“ in English, as well.

So if you enjoy our Zusammengebaut YouTube-Channel but didn’t understand a word in the past – some things have changed: From time to time we will upload a review in English, too.

The Lego Ideas set „The Big Bang Theory“ (21302) contains 484 parts. The build is very enjoyable, the colours are fine and the minifigures are really cool: The US-Sitcom in bricks, well done.

And: There has been a Lego Nerd Party in the apartment of Leonard and Sheldon – you can check out this video as well.

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