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Blocks Magazin Juni 2018 erschienen

Cover Blocks Magazin | © Blocks

Das Blocks Magazin Juni 2018 ist erhältlich: Pressemitteilung.

Die neue Ausgabe von Blocks ist seit einigen Tagen erhältlich. Folgend die Pressemitteilung zur Ausgabe Juni 2018 in Englisch.

Blocks Juni 2018

The latest issue of Blocks magazine, out today, is packed full of LEGO builds and reviews, with Space, Creator, Marvel Super Heroes and City all getting a look in.

In Issue 44’s reviews section, a careful eye for detail is cast over a selection of Creator sets to see how the 3-in-1 sets fare. The new Avengers: Infinity War sets also get judgment worthy of Thanos, although half of them do not get thrown away at the end of the issue.

A touching story of LEGO love is also featured this month, as an AFOL decides that the way to propose is by building something special. While not motivated by wedding bells, the build team still do a spectacular job of imagining Jungle scenes for a selection of City models, showing what a bit of scenery can do for a set. Those who have been following the UCS Millennium Falcon mod series will not want to miss this issue, as the ambitious project draws to a triumphant close.

The regular features are back too, of course – LEGO Family Tree takes a look at Space, seeing how the theme evolved and fits into the emerging diagram. Rob Damiano demonstrates how to stop those minifigures moving when shooting them in Blocks Photography while Simon Pickard shows how to get brick built figures looking more authentic in Technique.

That is not all of course, as Month in LEGO provides news and commentary, Brickpicker advises on collection insurance, Brick Wife imagines what she might ask a LEGO designer and Ideas Showcase checks out what is hot on the crowdsourcing platform.

To get Blocks magazine delivered to your door – ahead of everyone else – visit and check out the subscription deals available.

Andres Lehmann

Einst mit LEGO City und der 12V-Eisenbahn durchgestartet, Sammler von Creator Expert, Ideas, Architecture und City Modellen und baut gerne MOCs, die hoch hinaus gehen.

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