Bereits im Rahmen der LEGO Fan Media Days Anfang Juni konnte ich mit Fan Designer Robert Bontenbal und dem LEGO Designer Adam Grabowski ein paar Sätze wechseln: Das Set LEGO Ideas Alter Angelladen 21310 wurde feierlich enthüllt.

LEGO Ideas Alter Angelladen 21310 | © Andres Lehmann

Zuletzt hat mir Robert dankenswerterweise einige weitere Fragen zu seinem fantastischen Modell beantwortet, das von LEGO als Set veröffentlicht wurde. Und uns erreichte via Kommentar vor wenigen Tagen gar ein Gruß von Anton, dem Besitzer des Old Fishing Stores. Mein ausführliches Review ist ebenfalls online.

Das Interview veröffentliche im englischen Original, auf Wunsch kann gerne der Google Translator eingesetzt werden.

Trio: Grafik-Designer, Fan-Designer, Designer | © Andres Lehmann /

Hi Robert! Is there an ‚Old Fishing Store‘ nearby – an original build? Or do you use just your imagination for your idea?

No, there is not. Originally I got my inspiration from the christmas village sets. So for Christmas, my son and I started building a Christmas set in LEGO. That developed in the idea to make something for LEGO Ideas. I combined my passion for fishing and architecture and that became the old fishing store.

How difficult was it to create an ‚used-look‘ with notoriously shiny LEGO-bricks – did you have a special technique to let the ‚Old Fishing Store‘ look old?

Colour was an important aspect for the old fishing store to have that ‚worn‘ look. Also the use of the different bricks and the chaotic placement on the main roof helps a lot.

As you mentioned, you have used some great colours for your creation, have you tried other colours in first place, too?

I played around with it a little bit, also with sandy colours, but the building needed a colour that fit with the theme, and that you would excpect it to be when cruising the shore line.

So, what is your favorite part of your creation?

Of course, the building looks teriffic, and I like the appealing elements and the different accessories that make it fun to built and play with. But I especially like the sea gulls and the mini figure Anton, with his cool fishing sweater.

Are you okay with the changes when you look at your Ideas project and the final set in comparison?

The first time I saw the Old Fishing Store 21310, I was very pleased with how it stayed very close to the original design. The designer from LEGO Ideas made some mathematical changes and added great accessories. Overall I very am pleased with the result.

Thank you so much, Robert!