At the Skærbæk Fan Weekend 2015, I run into Huw Millington from Brickset. Unfornataly, he hasn’t his wonderful Lego City layout in his bag, we have already shown on our website. But he really enjoyed his first stay at the Fan Weekend.

Brickset Mastermind: Huw Millington | © Andres Lehmann

Brickset Mastermind: Huw Millington | © Andres Lehmann

In the interview we did, he talked about his impressions of this AFOL event, how to (may be) get his MOC to Denmark next year – all the way from Southern England. And I have discussed with him his favorite MOC at the Fan Weekend this year: A great industrial layout ‚The Train Station‘ from Maciej Drwiega, LUGPol. With Maciej, I have spoken, too. It took him four years, to create this layout. But: It isn’t finished yet – more to come. This is a good news!

So, let’s talk with Huw and Maciej about this fantastic MOC: ‚The Train Station‘.

Please note: We will upload more Fan Weekend videos in the next couple of days.

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