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Skærbæk Fan Weekend 2015

Skærbæk Fan Weekend 2015: Auction with rare Lego sets

Auction at Skærbæk Fan Weekend 2015: Many great, rare and interesting Lego Sets has been purchased: We show the images of sets like 12 Volt rails or Winter Olympics Mininfigures.

Lego Great Ball Contraption: 60 Technic Module aneinander gereiht

Die Bälle kreisen: Auf dem Skærbæk Fan Weekend zählte die Great Ball Contraption (GBC) zu den Highlights – mit Hilfe von Lego Technic waren 60 Module aneinander gereiht: Video.

Skærbæk Fan Weekend 2015 Video: Huge LEGO Classic Space MOC

At the Skærbæk Fan Weekend 2015, Søren Johansen and Reier Pytte have shown a fantastic Lego Classic Space MOC – which includes, of course, tons of blue and grey bricks: Video.

Skærbæk Fan Weekend 2015: Video zeigt großartige Lego Bauten

Das Skærbæk Fan Weekend 2015 ist Geschichte: Zwei Tage lang zeigten Lego-Baumeister aus der ganzen Welt ihre großartigen Brick-Kreationen: Die MOCs in der Nahansicht – Video.

Interview with Jamie Berard Lego Creator Expert Designer: ‚We dream big!‘

Jamie Berard is Design Specialist for Lego Creator Expert. At the Skærbæk Fan Weekend, I was able to talk with Jamie about great sets like the Ferris Wheel, his job and… visions: Video.

Skærbæk Fan Weekend 2015: Favorite LEGO MOC of Huw ‚Brickset‘ Millington

An industrial scene – a great train layout: With Huw Millington from Brickset, I have spoken about his favorite MOC at the Skærbæk Fan Weekend 2015, created by Maciej Drwiega, LUGPol: Video.

First impressions: Skærbæk Fan Weekend 2015 – Lego is alive!

Tons of bricks, so many fine MOCs and hundrets of AFOLs: For Lego-Fans is Skærbæk in the southern of Denmark the place to be in late September: Fan Weekend 2015 – first impressions.

„Skærbæk Fan Weekend“: Lego Event an der Küste

Am 26. und 27. September findet das Skærbæk Fan Weekend in Dänemark statt: Erwachsene Lego-Fans aus ganz Europa zeigen ihre riesigen Brick-Welten. Stellt Lego zudem neue Sets vor?

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