Three more collectible Lego Minifigures series in 2016 – German soccer team, Disney and Series 16

New disney Minifigures: Box art | © Andres Lehmann /

This year, there gonna be four new series of collectible Minifigures: Beside series 15, there will be „Die Mannschaft“, the german soccer team, Disney and series 16: Toy Fair images.

While we are busy to upload all the theme images and videos, let’s get back to the news for a while: At the International Toy Fair in Nuremberg we have seen two new boxes on display for the collectible Lego Minifigures – and there also has been one announcement: A cooperation between Lego and the DFB.

Die Mannschaft kommt! | © Matthias Kuhnt /

Die Mannschaft kommt! | © Matthias Kuhnt /

In May, there gonna be the Minifigures series „Die Mannschaft“, which will include 16 soccer players of the German team. Later on, Lego is going to release the new Lego Disney series – with 18 minifigures (71012): There is a print on the box. Us was told, that this series will be on sale worldwide in summer. No excact date, yet. And: No minifigures on display, like the year before.

Release in fall: Lego minifigures series 16 | © Andres Lehmann /

Release in fall: Lego minifigures series 16 | © Andres Lehmann /

And then, later on in fall, there will be series 16 – which will include 16 Minifigures to collect, again.

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  1. I’m so excited about the unveiling of the Disney Minifigures 🙂

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